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Journal Publications

1. “An Accessible Seeded-field for Humanitarian Mine Action

Jasper Baur, Gabriel Steinberg, John Frucci, and Anthony Brinkley. Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction, Oct. 2023

2. "Temperature of the Villarrica lava lake from 1963 to 2015 constrained by phase-equilibrium and a new glass geothermometer for Basaltic Andesites,"

Yves Moussallam, Hyun Joo Lee, Shuo Ding, Maegan DeLessio, Jenna Lauren Everard, Emily Spittle, George Lu, Jasper Baur, Emily Glazer, Ally Peccia, Maheenuz Zaman, Nathaniel Alper, Bennett Slibeck. Journal of Petrology, Feb. 2023

3. “Inspiring the Next Generation of Humanitarian Mine Action Researchers

Madison Tuohy, Eva Greenspan, Sofia Fasullo, Jasper Baur, Gabriel Steinberg, Linda Zheng, Alex Nikulin, Garrett Clayton, and Timothy de Smet. Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction, Feb. 2023

4. “An Experimental Model of Unconfined Bubbly Lava Flows: Importance of Localized Bubble Distribution ,”

Atsuko Namiki, Einat Lev, Janine Birnbaum, Jasper Baur. Journal of Geophysical Research, May. 2022

5. “How to Implement Drones and Machine Learning to Reduce Time, Costs, and Dangers Associated with Landmine Detection,” 

Jasper Baur & Gabriel Steinberg, Alex Nikulin, Kenneth Chiu, Timothy de Smet. Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction, Sep. 2021


6. “Applying Deep Learning to Automate UAV-based Detection of Scatterable Landmines,”

Jasper Baur, Gabriel Steinberg, Alex Nikulin, Kenneth Chiu, Timothy de Smet. Remote Sensing, Mar. 2020


7. “Field Application of Thermal Infrared Sensing Method for the Detection of Plastic Landmine,”

Alex Nikulin, Timothy de Smet, Jasper Baur, and William Frazer. Remote Sensing, Oct. 2018

8. “Drones and “Butterflies”: A Low Cost UAV System for Rapid Detection and Identification of Unconventional Minefields,”

Timothy S. de Smet, Alex Nikulin, William

Frazer, Jasper Baur, Jacob Abramowitz, et al. Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction, Nov. 2018

Conference Posters and Talks


“Rheological Evolution of the Ahu'ailā'au Fissure lavas during 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone ”

Eposter and e-lightning talk, AGU Fall Meeting, December 2021 

“Machine Learning Advances in Humanitarian Mine Action”

Oral presentation, GICHD and United Nations Mine Action Service 8th Mine Action Technology Workshop, November 2021

“Guidelines for AI procedures - True color images for identification of landmines”

Oral presentation, International Committee of the Red Cross and GICHD’s Webinar on the Use of AI and Remote Sensing in the Mine Action Center, April 2021

“Using a Convolutional Neural Network to Automate Detection of the PFM-1 plastic landmine”

Oral presentation, AGU Fall Meeting, December 2019 

“Improved Detection of Plastic Landmines with Aerial Polarized Thermal Imaging”

Poster and e-lightning talk, AGU  Fall Meeting, December 2018 


“Aerial Humanitarians: Drones and Disaster Response”

Session,  Swissnex’s Aerial Futures: The Drone Frontier, Vendor and Invited Talk October 2018 

“Aerial Thermal Infrared Detection of PFM-1 Plastic Butterfly Mine”

Geological Society of America, Northeastern Section Meeting, March 2018  


• “Detecting Plastic PFM-1 Landmines Using Thermal Infrared Sensing”

Poster and e-lightning talk, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, December 2017 

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